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All Marinas and Yacht Harbur in Croatia

Marina Berths and moorings for rent in Croatia

Marina and harbour guide for Croatia. Search for all marinas in Croatia. Compare marinas and berths with data, pictures and videos. Search for marina prices, mooring prices in Croatia. Whether land berth, dry berth or winter storage for your yacht in Croatia. Find and compare harbour fees in Croatia quickly. Check availability for moorings, shipyard, winter or dry marina. Would you like to know which marinas are located in Croatia? For a list of ports, yacht clubs and marinas visit Marine Project.

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Croatia. Moorings and marinas.

A berth in Croatia is one of the most popular and beautiful berths in the Mediterranean. In Croatia, many private yachts have berths, but also about 5,000 charter yachts enjoy their location here. In recent years, prices in the marinas have risen sharply. Every year the Croatian mooring providers test the pain threshold of the yacht owners anew. The same applies to the Croatian state, the Konoba operators and all service providers. Croatia has long since overtaken Monaco in terms of daily prices for berths. If you add up all the taxes that are levied in Croatia, you are certainly at the Mallorca level. Due to the new motorways to the south, the situation in Istria has relaxed. You should write to several marinas via our contact forms and get in multiple offers. Many owners are looking for new, cheaper berths in the Mediterranean Sea, so that regular berths are available. Croatia would like to develop its marinas and nautical tourism to luxury tourism and thereby challenge France and Sardegna’s position among wealthy customers. Recently, a lot has been invested in new marinas. The same applies to the infrastructure on land. The Konoba, where you can find something delicious to eat for 9,90€, has to be searched today with a magnifying glass. Today you will rather get a four course menu for 99€/person on the Croatian islands. Yes, there are still inexpensive moorings in Croatia, but usually on the islands or at private small shipyards.

Giving generally valid prices for berths in Croatia is difficult, because the taxes are very high and even anchoring in many bays is not free. These costs should be taken into account when comparing prices.

The berth prices in Croatia are available from:
approx. 5.000 to 7.000€ for a 12m berth.
ca. 7.000 to 12.000€ for a 15m berth.

The berth prices on the islands of Croatia are available from:
approx. 4.000 to 6.000€ for a 12m berth
approx. 5.000 to 8.000€ for a 15m berth

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