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All Marinas and Yacht Harburs in Italy

Marina berths and moorings for rent in Italy

Marina and harbour guide for Italy. Search for all marinas in Italy. Compare marinas and berths with data, pictures and videos. Search for marina prices, mooring prices in Italy. Whether land berth, dry berth or winter storage for your yacht in Italy. Find and compare harbour fees in Italy quickly. Check availability for moorings, shipyard, winter or dry marina. Would you like to know which marinas are located in Italy? For a list of ports, yacht clubs and marinas visit Marine Project.

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Italy. Marinas and moorings.

Bella Italia – Italy is a rich and varied territory, on land and on water. Pizza, pasta, cappuccino, culture and an excellent nautical infrastructure. This is Italy. Italy is so multi-layered and so different, depending on where you have your berth. This makes it difficult to write something generally valid. A mooring in Northern Italy is particularly popular with european owners. The North Adriatic is an ideal starting point for trips to Croatia, as it is cheap and easily accessible by car. Even over the weekend, the boat serves as a holiday home for last-minute travellers. Especially cheap marinas can be found in the lagoons between Trieste and Venice. It is cheap and easily accessible and the quality of the shipyards is good if not very good. In many marinas in Italy, English, German and French is spoken. The obtaining of offers over our side is even simpler.

In the northwest, the Tuscany is a very popular area for a fixed berth. Lavagna, Rome, Pisa, Naples are well known. Sardines, Elba, Corsica and many smaller islands offer themselves as a district for cruises. A berth in the Western Mediterranean is certainly the right choice. The prices are quite different and in the last years they have also strongly decreased. One reason is the economic crisis in Italy, another is the enormous expansion of marinas in recent years. Discounts up to 30% on the prices in price lists are not uncommon. You should write to several marinas via the contact form and have them send offers to you.

With european owners, southern Italy is rather less popular as a permanent berth, because here it can be unbearably hot in summer. Southern Italy is known as a cheap winter berth. Often the boat on its way to Croatia or Greece is cheaply stored in Italy.

The berth prices in Italy are available from:
approx. 3.000 to 5.000€ for a 12m berth.
About 4.000 to 8.000€ for a 15m berth.

The berth prices in South Italy are available from:
approx. 2.000 to 3.000€ for a 12m berth
approx. 3.000 to 5.500€ for a 15m berth

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