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All Marinas and Yacht Harburs Turkey

Marina Berths and moorings for rent in Turkey

Marina and harbour guide for Turkey. Search for all marinas in Turkey. Compare marinas and berths with data, pictures and videos. Search for marina prices, mooring prices in Turkey. Whether land berth, dry berth or winter storage for your yacht in Turkey. Find and compare harbour fees in Turkey quickly. Check availability for moorings, shipyard, winter or dry marina. Would you like to know which marinas are located in Turkey? For a list of ports, yacht clubs and marinas visit Marine Project.

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Turkey. Marinas and berths.

Despite the current political situation, Turkey is not a cheap territory. Before the crisis, Turkey was on its way to becoming a top region, so the prices were rather high. During the crisis, list prices were not lowered, but many marinas are ready to negotiate. Within Turkey the prices differ very strongly, partly by factor 3. A berth in Turkey can be very interesting for owners who want to have extensive work done on the boat. Turkey is known worldwide for its cheap shipyards. The marinas in Turkey offer a very good service and are very keen on every owner. Thus Turkey remains a popular and rather high-priced district, especially as far as berths are concerned. The cheap shipyards, restaurants and much more relativize the prices in comparison to other areas.

The berth prices in Turkey are available from:
approx. 5.000 to 7.000€ for a 12m berth.
approx. 7.000 to 10.000€ for a 15m berth.

Cheap mooring prices in Turkey are available from:
approx. 3.000 to 5.000€ for a 12m berth
approx. 4.000 to 6.500€ for a 15m berth

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