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Popular Instagram spots in the Adriatic/Croatia


The presence of social media in our everyday life is advancing, and becoming more important. Instagram, Facebook and TikTok posts about beautiful spots define how we choose our holiday destinations, where we constantly search for new and attractive locations. Social media certainly help us discover new places and inspire us in many ways. When we arrive at our vacation spot, we are very active in visiting magical locations, tagging our whereabouts and capturing fascinating photos. Not only do we like to feel good on a vacation, but we also want our friends and followers to see it, and we cannot find the better way to show them everything. Just as we love to post these photos in the moment, we also love to look back on them after our vacation is over and we relive each moment again.

The Adriatic coast is truly diverse and special and it’s not hard to find a photogenic spot. We bring you a list of the best places for photos (and exact locations) that will instantly set you in vacation mood. Some of these are located in Dubrovnik, Hvar, Vis and Rovinj.

Photo Credit: AV-photographie Pinterest

Island Mali Lošinj, Čikat Bay

Lošinj is truly a hidden gem of the Croatian islands, as Vogue once described it, and a place where you’ll experience pure hedonism. From the crystal-clear, azure blue sea, dense forests embracing the beaches, to the top-notch gastronomy and service in some of the best restaurants on our coast, Lošinj is an essential destination on the map of ideal summer locations in Croatia. The image of an island-like paradise on Earth is further confirmed by these magical steps that have become a hit on Instagram among both domestic and foreign guests over the past seasos. If you’re impressed by these photos and wish to visit this location yourself, the setting is located in Čikat bay, which hides numerous small beaches, as well as this Instagram attraction. These steps that “lead to paradise” belong to a beautiful villa from the 20th century.

Vladimira Svalbe Street

Rovinj is a must-visit spot when you’re visiting northern Adriatic. Croatians affectionately call it the pearl of Istria, but we believe everyone would agree that Rovinj is one of the gems of Croatia as a whole. The charming old town filled with colorful buildings, wooden shacks, and small local shops selling Istrian delicacies makes a perfect backdrop for “insta-worthy” photos. One of the most popular locations turns out to be a narrow, short street by the sea, with the perfect assistants – nothing but two vintage chairs and a table belonging to the “Charm atelier”. Atelier Charm in Rovinj opened 13 years ago and has since become an unmissable spot for photography. The enchanting corner is decorated with flowers, decorative pillows, charming furniture, silk dresses and and scarves.

Photo Credit: Blue Cave Tours

Island Biševo

The most popular cave in Croatia is located in the small bay of Balun on the island of Biševo. The Blue Cave is one of those tourist attractions that is truly worth your time and effort. The best time to visit is between 11 am and 2 pm, when the sunlight penetrates through the opening, reflects off the sea and the white sea bottom, creating magical blue shades. You can only imagine how beautiful your photos will look like with this special “blue filter”.

Photo Credit:

Island Vis

We all have that one beach that holds a special place in our hearts, where memories are made. However, there are beaches on the Croatian coast that are incredibly beautiful, to such an extent that they will immediately leave a lasting impression on you, and you’ll never want to leave. One of them is Stiniva on southern part of island Vis, which was declared one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe in 2016. Crystal-clear waters, white pebbles, and impressive cliffs surrounding make a perfect setting for capturing the best photos ever!

Photo Credit: Freepik / perezfotografia

Dubrovnik old town

When a city is known for its wall and when it is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, then that wall must be truly special. And indeed, it is. The walls of Dubrovnik were built from the 13th to the 17th century and still preserve the old part of Dubrovnik to this day. Furthermore, they are nearly 2 kilometers long and contain numerous fortresses, towers, and bastions. Moreover, the view from the walls is absolutely enchanting. Each photo you take here will give you a “Game of Thrones” character feeling.

Photo Credit:

Island Lokrum (Dubrovnik)

If you’re already in Dubrovnik, we have another suggestion for a unique experience and a photo that will decorate your Instagram feed. In the waters of Dubrovnik, you’ll find the islet Lokrum, just 600 meters from the old town center of Dubrovnik. Thanks to its pristine nature, beautiful coastline, botanical garden, and historical remains, Lokrum will surely take your breath away. This island is uninhabited and under the protection of UNESCO. The southern part of the island’s coast is arranged as a nudist beach. However, the title for the most popular location on the island goes to a small saltwater lake called Mrtvo More – The Dead Sea. It’s actually a cave whose ceiling collapsed in past geological times, and the lake is connected to the open sea by a channel. It offers a breathtaking view of the open sea framed by the cave itself and at the same time is a top spot to capture the most perfect photo.

Photo credit:

Velo Grablje, Hvar Island

If you are vacationing near island Hvar this year around June, make sure to visit Velo Grablje village and take some photos in the lavender fields with a sea view. Velo Grablje village used to be the largest producer of lavender oil in Dalmatia. Every year, the unique Lavender Festival takes place in Velo Grablje, with an educational and entertaining character, encouraging lavender cultivation and the production of oil and other lavender products on the island of Hvar.

Photo Credit: Visit Hvar Facebook by: @irmarizvic

Stari Grad, Hvar

Petar Hektorović’s castle, known as “Tvrdalj,” served as summer residence and stands as the most renowned structure and a symbol of Stari Grad. With the construction of the castle, Hektorović brought to life his vision of a microcosm—a small, enclosed world where all of God’s creatures, including fish, birds, plants, and humans, could coexist harmoniously. One of the castle’s most notable features is its Fishpond, enclosed with columns and providing a sanctuary for fish to roam freely. The fishpond is a beautiful setting for capturing some really unique photos.


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