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Revolution of Sustainable Luxury Yachts

Photo Credits: Njord by Bergman Design House

A New Era of Opulence Aligned with Ecology and Wellness

Combining all the symbols of status in a single location, the world’s wealthiest individuals engage in a competition to determine whose yacht will be the most extravagantly equipped. And, quite notably, they are deeply interested in its level of “sustainability.” The current “ultimate standard” for luxurious cruising entails floating palaces that exude an obscenely lavish atmosphere while remaining aligned with ecological and wellness principles. Marie Soliman, co-founder and creative director of Njord by Bergman Design House, a company specializing in yacht interior design for the most influential and affluent clientele, affirms, “We are witnessing a sustainability revolution among the extremely wealthy.”

“In the early days of our work, everyone solely desired the most exorbitant sofa. However, that no longer holds anyone’s interest. Instead, they inquire about the origin of the wood we will use for flooring, the sourcing process behind the marble we offer, and the factories responsible for the production of our fabrics… Origin and sustainability have taken center stage even within the realm of opulence.”

When David Beckham acquired his first yacht last year for five million pounds, he insisted on overseeing the interior design process to ensure that it adhered to his desired level of sustainability. Naturally, the wellness aspect of the entire endeavor also intrigued him, as it does with numerous other billionaires who are presently exploring the world of nautical acquisitions.

Albin Berglund, co-founder of Njord alongside Soliman and Sarah Colbon, further elucidates, “Luxury is no longer defined by marble and gold. It now encompasses sustainability and the quality of the air you breathe both on the yacht and within your own abode. True luxury entails the circulation of filtered air through ventilation openings and the provision of filtered water in the shower.” Among those who can afford it, the inclusion of details such as Vitamin C-enriched water that works wonders for skin and hair health, as well as specialized Japanese tiles in the bathroom that purify the air, has become highly sought after. Additionally, an integrated sound system that caters equally to moments of meditation and lively celebrations is considered an essential feature.


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