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Saint-Tropez – the jewel of the Cote d’Azur

Photo Credit: Helena Jankovičová Kováčová from Pixabay

Saint-Tropez is a small seaside town on the French Riviera, which became famous in the 50s and 60s of the last century, and was made famous by the French actress Brigitte Bardot the moment she set foot on the soil of this fishing town. From then until today, this place never ceases to intrigue. Beautiful coastline, studded countryside in the surrounding hills, monumental architecture, magnificent local wines, picturesque and picturesque small squares and a world-famous port… in a word, Saint-Tropez is an enchanting destination. A place where about 5,000 thousand people live during the year, an incredible number of almost 5 million tourists visit during the year. This, now a widely known resort, has become a meeting place for the rich from all over the world and a real fashionable resort.

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You can choose from a multitude of precious gems scattered throughout Saint-Tropez – Verdon Gorges, Gassin villages, Port Grimaud, Mediterranean Jewels, Golden Isles, Port Cros or Le Levant are just some of the places that will hypnotize you with their beauty.

History says that this place was named after the Roman centurion Torpetius or Torpes, who was exiled by Nero because he did not agree to renounce his faith, and in the boat in which he was thrown, he reached the shores of the then small town, known today like Saint Tropez. Namely, the priests from the Abbazia di Saint Victor from Marseille, who then owned a large part of the bay, built the Ecclesia Sancti Torpetis in his honor in 1055. Today, this place of 5,542 inhabitants is a symbol of the “art of living”, a symbol for hedonism and all that money can afford.

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Ramatuelle is a charming and peaceful village with about 2,500 inhabitants located in the hills near Saint-Tropez. It was built strategically on a hill, to defend the locals from the enemy, and it has an incredible view of Pampelonne Bay and the plain, from an altitude of about 130 meters.

As a typical Mediterranean village, the core of Ramatuelle’s architecture reveals steps, passages, squares, narrow streets paved with flowers, churches and a bell tower. Ocher facades and pastel wooden blinds are decorated with colorful flowers – jasmine, muscat, honeysuckle and bougainvillea. In a word, a feast for all your senses.

While in Ramatuelle, you can’t miss the central market at Place l’Ormeau. The narrow streets squeezed between the ancient walls hide the Porte Sarrasine, the church, the vineyards and the Paillas windmills.

Located in Ramatuelle is Pampelonne Bay, which covers an area of 27 hectares. The most beautiful beaches are located in the Baie de Pampelonne, about a kilometer and a half from the city, with soft sand that equally caresses those on the prestigious Nikki Beach, as well as on the Tahiti Beach, which was established back in 1946. In this epicenter of the Riviera, the choice of beaches with a length of five kilometers is great, both for those who want to enjoy privacy and peace, and for those who want to be part of exclusive private beaches where enormous amounts of money are allocated for an umbrella and a deck chair. The meeting place of the world’s jet set is also the “Club 55” canteen, which was used for the filming of the movie “And God Made Woman”, where the famous Brigitte Bardot rested during the break between sets

Photo credit: © La Tarte Tropezienne Patisserie

You must try the famous local dessert: Tarte Tropezienne

The confectioner’s pride, the “queen among sweets”, is the work of Alexander Micka from Poland, who opened a bakery in Saint-Tropez, where he launched his grandmother’s recipe for cream cake. Brigitte Bardot, who ate it every day during filming breaks, suggested that the previously unnamed grandmother’s cake, which was actually a kind of brioche with cream, was called Tarte Saint-Tropez. Thus, this simple but unique sweet made of eggs, butter, flour and milk got the name “La Tarte Tropèzienne”.

In 1985, Albert Dufrene took over the management of Alexander Mick’s company. Like his predecessor, Albert Dufrene insisted on keeping the La Tarte Tropezienne recipe secret and maintained the same exacting quality standards. Every day La Tarte Tropezienne is filled with cream that is made with the utmost discretion. Unique expertise is required to reveal the delicate blend of two different types of creams. Today, La Tarte Tropezienne is one of the symbols of the Saint Tropez lifestyle. Enjoying the restaurants, pastry shops that are part of the everyday decor of Saint Tropez, are part of the typical image of the old town that descends towards the port.

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