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Saudi Arabia’s Ambitious Vision 2030 Plan to Unveil Over 3,500 New Marina Berths in the Red Sea

Saudi Arabia’s grand vision of transforming its tourism sector and diversifying its economy away from fossil fuels is rapidly taking shape. As part of the country’s ambitious Vision 2030 plan, which aims to attract 100 million visitors by the end of the decade, Saudi Arabia is set to create over 3,500 marina berths along its picturesque western coast in the Red Sea region. Yachting enthusiasts and maritime adventurers are eagerly anticipating the emergence of these exciting projects.

Jeff Houlgrave of Marina Projects Ltd shared insights into the berth numbers during the Superyacht UK Technical Forum, shedding light on the scale of the developments underway. Currently, there are approximately 10 projects in various stages of planning, development, or operation, including the notable Jeddah Yacht Club facility. These initiatives represent Saudi Arabia’s significant investment in tourism infrastructure, with billions of dollars allocated to enhance the Red Sea coast’s allure.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the remarkable projects that are set to transform the Red Sea into a premier yachting destination:

  1. NEOM City: This visionary city will feature the Sindalah Island yachting destination, boasting an 86-berth marina and 75 offshore buoys. Expected to be operational by 2024, NEOM City promises a futuristic and luxurious experience for boating enthusiasts.
  2. Amaala Region: Amaala will offer marina facilities with up to 120 berths by 2024. This exquisite region aims to redefine ultra-luxury travel and create an unforgettable experience for visitors seeking opulence and natural beauty.
  3. Red Sea Islands: While specific details about marinas on the Red Sea Islands are not yet available, these pristine islands are poised to captivate yachting enthusiasts with their untouched beauty and potential for exclusive berthing options.
  4. Jeddah: With the goal of becoming a key regional yachting hub, Jeddah is undergoing significant development. The Jeddah Yacht Club is already active, and additional local facilities are being established. A monumental marina project in the city center, projected to offer over 450 berths, is set to solidify Jeddah’s position as a premier yachting destination.

Among these impressive projects, the Hidden Marina stands out as the largest endeavor, with an estimated 2,000 berths catering to yachts and superyachts. As an integral part of NEOM City’s revolutionary Line City project, the Hidden Marina is expected to be fully operational by 2030. Stretching across 170 kilometers in length, 200 meters in width, and soaring to 500 meters in height, Line City will redefine urban living and offer an unparalleled marina experience.

While completion dates for the various projects may vary, it is anticipated that two marina developments will be finished by 2026, with four more set for completion by 2030. Excitement continues to build as IGY Marinas recently signed an agreement to develop and operate the marina on Sindalah Island, further cementing the island’s position as a premier yachting destination.

Saudi Arabia’s commitment to transforming its coastal regions into world-class yachting destinations is evident. The emergence of these marina projects will not only create new berths but also generate employment opportunities and boost the local economy. With its pristine waters, breathtaking landscapes, and unparalleled luxury offerings, the Red Sea is poised to become a magnet for boating enthusiasts and adventure seekers from around the globe.