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Sliema’s Seafront Land Designated for 40-Berth Marina

In a significant move, Malta’s legislative body has given the green light to the Fortina Group, a local business, to initiate the development of a state-of-the-art 40-berth marina along the picturesque seafront of Sliema. This coastal town, nestled on the northeastern shores of the island, is set to undergo a transformation that will not only enhance its maritime offerings but also bring about positive economic prospects.

The decision, endorsed by members of the ruling Labour Party, marks a key milestone in Sliema’s ongoing evolution. However, it was met with contrasting opinions, as lawmakers from the opposition Nationalist Party expressed concerns over the potential transformation of an area popular among beachgoers.

Fortina Group, renowned for its successful operation of a four-star hotel in Sliema, secured the parliamentary vote, gaining access to the coveted seafront land. While the move has been welcomed by proponents of increased marine infrastructure, there was a stipulation put forth by Maltese Economy Minister Silvio Schembri. He urged the National Audit Office Accounts Committee to oversee the transfer while also imposing a €70,000 (US$77,000) penalty on a local company that had previously utilized the site without the requisite permissions.

As the discourse unfolded within the parliamentary chambers, the opposition voiced their reservations about converting the area into a marina, citing its popularity among beach enthusiasts. Nevertheless, the parliamentary decision now paves the way for the realization of a cutting-edge marina facility in Sliema, accommodating a minimum of 40 watercraft berths. This venture not only holds the potential to attract boating enthusiasts and tourists but also promises to contribute positively to Malta’s economic landscape.

With this landmark decision, Sliema stands poised for a remarkable rejuvenation, embracing both its maritime heritage and its potential for future growth. As the Fortina Group sets its sights on crafting a world-class marina, all eyes are on the horizon for the exciting transformations that await this charming coastal town.”



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