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The seven most beautiful beaches in Sardinia

Photo Credits by tourism board Sardinia

Tuerredda, south coast

White sand, bright turquoise, glistening light, the sun at noon directly over the sea: if Paul Gauguin had known about Tueredda on the southwest coast of Sardinia, he would not have emigrated to Tahiti in the South Seas. About half a kilometer long and situated on a small bay, in front of which a small island stretches, Tueredda is kilometers away even from small vacation settlement about seven kilometers west of Chia. The beach is also characterized by a very shallow drop of the seabed, which allows to still wade through the aquamarine waters many meters from the shore.

Photo Credits: tourism board Sardinia

Is Arutas, west coast

This beach pearl is located where, as a rule, the fewest vacationers go: on the Sinis peninsula in the middle of the west coast. This beach is unique in all of Sardinia. It is unique in all of Sardinia because of its sand, which consists mainly of snow-white, rice-sized quartz grains that give the sea here a particularly intense turquoise glow. The mistral often blows here, so those who love waves will also get their money’s worth. Except for the two weeks before and after August 15, the beach is usually moderately to sparsely visited during the week, an additional reason for individualists to come here.

Photo Credits: tourism board Sardinia

La Pelosa, northwest coast

La Pelosa near Stintino is located on the northwestern tip of Sardinia. You can see the former prison island Asinara from there, where there are white donkeys. But white is also the beach of La Pelosa, and so much and fine as in an hourglass that everything else fades into the background. Except for the bright turquoise water, result of the glistening white sand that reflects the light of the sun from the shallow seabed and makes the water seem like glacial ice…. The municipality of Stintino was among the first of Sardinia to limit the number of bathers in the summer season, taking a small symbolic entrance fee. Moreover, it is forbidden to put the towels on the beach without bast mats. The sand is the oil of Stintino, and too much remains attached to the wet towels that the municipality wanted to put an end to the sand loss in this way.

Mari Pinau, Cagliari

Mari Pintau, the “painted sea” as the Sardinians call it, is a gem worth discovering. Coming from Cagliari just in front of the peninsula that hides the view of Geremeas, the summer resort of the Cagliaritani about half an hour’s drive from the old town, this beach impresses like no other with the extremely intense glow of the turquoise water, produced by a white sand that slopes evenly towards the sea and, especially underwater, produces maritime color spectra that allow even non-divers to guess, from a safe height, the intoxication of the depths of the “Grand Bleu”. A dream also for sailors, who can be enjoyed here at a prescribed distance of at least 200 meters in for crew and beach guests in peace. A bathing and snorkeling experience that has a euphoric effect!

Cala Coticcio, Caprera

Cala Coticcio is located on the island of Caprera, offshore in the northeast of Sardinia. And is therefore not accessible to the mass of vacationers without a boat. Accordingly, this beach paradise presents itself virgin. It is located in a small bay with an even smaller beach 10, 15 meters wide, the seabed shines bright turquoise and leads shallowly like a glistening carpet out to the open sea.

Is Arenas Biancas, Porto Pino

Wild, even more sparsely populated than most other areas of Sardinia, dominated by the Scirocco, hot, with strong and characterful red wines such as Carignano: the Sulcis region is unique in Sardinia. And the same goes for the coast. The dunes of Chia are famous – and well visited in high season. The dunes of Piscinas in the Igliesiente, on the other side of the southwest tip further north, are legendary and are considered the second highest after those of Arcachon on the Atlanitk. But the dunes of Porto Pino are divino, divine: whiter than any other, always in the grip of a sea breeze that blows in from Africa (Tunisia) just 200 kilometers away to the south, and framed in colors that alternate between aquamarine and royal blue. Untouristy even than most other areas of Sardinia, which in any case does not stand for mass tourism – except for the Costa Smeralda – and even there, at the diagonally other end of the island, turns out mild and friendly compared to all other large islands that the Mediterranean has to offer.

Cala Maria Pia, Alghero

As complicated as it is to get to Cala Coticcio on Caprera, it is just as easy to reach Cala Maria Pia. The snow-white beach is located just north of Alghero, where part of the population still speaks Catalan. The sand is snow-white and fine. And even though it is so close to the city, you can usually always find enough space somewhere without feeling like a sardine. Only in the first two weeks of August it gets a bit crowded here, as these are the two most important vacation weeks for Italians before the national day „ferragosto“ on August 15.

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