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Yacht CHARTER 50% discount, book now? NO do not

- an interview with Christa Wild
Many agencies now lure with special prices up to 50% cheaper than before, as well as flexible payment plans. Shouldn't you book now to benefit from it?

No, I would not do that. The situation is simply not clear at the moment and no one can say to what extent the travel warnings and restrictions can be lifted by summer or autumn.

Should the situation relax by summer or autumn, we all hope so, of course, then you can still book a yacht in the last minute. For charter with crew we need about 10-14 days in advance to organize everything perfectly, with bareboat charter or charter with skipper it is even shorter. And so far we have always found a yacht for all our customers, and even it was for the same day.

What happens to everyone who has already booked a yacht for 2020 and cannot arrive?

Here we work personally with each customer on a suitable replacement charter when the time is right. This means that we contact each customer personally before the final payment is due and check whether a trip is possible, and if not to what time period the customer would like to postpone their booked yacht charter.

As a customer, do I have the right to cancel and repay the deposit paid?

Here I would like to refer to the assessment of the lawyer of the German Charter Association VDC Eckhard von der Mosel and quote his report:

“Legal assessment of the cancellation of charter contracts due to the corona virus
Update: Charter contracts and Corona

Ship in the quarantine area: The corona problem has meanwhile assumed a format of “force majeure”. This is what is called when a party cannot be found to be at fault. The customer can either not be expected to travel or there are travel restrictions. On the other hand, it is not the “guilt” of the charter company that the yacht is not legally available; the yacht is actually available in the station. This overrides the normal, known mechanics of tenancy law.

As far as bare boat charter (tenancy law!) Is concerned, the current assessment is not easy. In general, the following applies: if a contractual relationship comes into a completely surprising, uncontrollable situation, the lawyers speak of the “loss of business basis”, § 313 BGB. The consequence is an adjustment of the contract by the parties, i.e. renegotiation of the contract and its cancellation regulations, if necessary provision by the court. The main criterion is “reasonableness”. This soft criterion requires creativity from both sides, rather than a contract termination.

Our recommendation would first be to negotiate a postponement of the trip, if that is not possible, then you should follow the cancellation rules that exist for every contract. Charterers can argue that the rules for a short-term cancellation apply analogously because compensation through new / replacement rentals should no longer be possible for the next few weeks.

As far as travel law is applicable (with skipper or several travel services, possibly also with berth charter), the customer always has a cancellation right. The contract must then be settled according to the cancellation policy.

Attorney Eckhard von der Mosel
As of March 16, 2020 ”
Quote end.

Cancellation or rebooking - how do I drive better?

In the event of cancellation of the booked charter, the regular cancellation conditions of your charter come into effect, which usually means the loss of the deposit paid.

This is not in our interest, rather we would like to encourage all customers to rebook to a new period. Here the charter providers are forcing a period in 2020, but are also ready to go for a period in 2021, but we are currently coordinating this with all customers personally and in a timely manner.

With the first rebookings of the April and May trips, we see that our partners are absolutely correct and helpful in finding a new period in the same price segment for the customer.

We proceed as follows: First, the customer tells us which periods would be possible for him alternatively, then we check these periods with the charter company on site and work out an alternative offer for the customer. The customer then has time to think about making a new appointment. And if that doesn’t work, the customer will receive a voucher for the down payment paid, which he can redeem for a new booking through us on the same basis for a future charter during period X.

How safe is that new booking and the company won't go bankrupt?

Tourism is undoubtedly the most affected industry in this crisis. And the charter companies are mostly small family businesses, or foreign investment companies, if you look at the giants of the industry. But none of them are so big that, like a TUI or Lufthansa, they fall under any state rescue package.

The charter companies are supported by their state governments during this time, but are certainly not able to pay down payments and in the event of massive cancellations, they are also deprived of the basis for receiving another bridging loan with the expected final payment.

Considering that a cancellation is not expected due to the cancellation conditions in the charter contract, I would like to ask our customers to postpone the booked charter if necessary. This gives the charter company the opportunity to “put it on ice” as long as necessary to save costs and to be able to continue with the remaining payment as soon as it is possible to travel again.

I would also like to mention once again that bankruptcy of the charter company is covered by our “customer protection insolvency insurance”. You can find all the information here:

A word at the end:

Dear customers and friends of our company Marine Project.

Many of you have been loyal to us for many years, for which we thank you very much – and many of you / you know us personally and we have a friendly bond.

A good partner is shown in difficult times, and we want to be that for you. Perhaps we are not always the cheapest, but that is not our aim either – we want to be the best for you. In good and in bad times.

With this in mind, stay true to us and please book your yacht charter vacation with us.

By the way, we will have more to offer for you shortly: In the future, you will also find luxurious holiday homes with us, directly by the sea, with their own sea access or even your own jetty … Be curious, we will be happy to work on our offer for you to make it more attractive!

Christa Wild 300x400
Stay healthy - stay safe!

We look forward to your feedback and are always happy to help you!

Yours Christa Wild
Co-Founder and Director Marine Project Inc.
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