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We offer you repair work, repairs and special constructions made of GRP glass fiber reinforced plastic. Fiber-reinforced plastic, or GFRP (glass-fiber reinforced plastic), is a fiber-plastic composite of a plastic and glass fibers. Duroplastic plastics (eg polyester resin (UP) or epoxy resin), as well as thermoplastics (eg polyamide), can be considered as the basis. GRP is also known as fiberglass. The word fiberglass is an anglicism, made of fiberglass (AE) or fiberglass (BE), the English word for glass fiber. In the non-specialist world, the fibers are often referred to as fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) or carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic. However, the fiber-reinforced plastics are always meant, since, without the plastic matrix which gives form and surface, the components could not be produced at all.
GRP or carbon fiber? We advise you!

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