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Shipping of pre owned boats

Import / Export and Shipping

We Ship Yachts - World Wide

Two sailings per month from Northern Europe to the Mediterranean.
Weekly services from Mediterranean ports to worldwide destinations
Weekly sailing per month Transatlantic, Northern and Mediterranean to USA and Caribbean’s.

Shipping methods for pre owned boats

Lift on / Lift off
Lo/Lo it is being used when yachts are transported on deck of a vessel. Yachts are lifted and placed on deck using the vessel’s own cranes and then secured in a tailor made steel construction called cradle. Marine Project has access to a range of vessels suitable for this type of loading. Lo/Lo is the best method of transport for yachts greater than 60ft.

Float on / Float off
Flo/Flo requires a semi submerging transport vessels and is used for the transport of very larger super yachts. The transport vessel lowers its well deck by pumping water into its ballast tanks. The yachts will then move into a position above their cradles which have been fixed on the well deck beforehand. After that the transport vessels will pump out the water again thereby lifting ist well deck. Once the yachts are dry and safely positioned on their cradles the vessel is ready to sail.

OOG Flatrack
OOG or Out of Gauge describes cargo loaded on a folded container platform called a Flatrack. This allows yachts and boats to be transported with general container liner services. This method of transport can be very cost effective and allows for weekly departures to several worldwide destinations. OOG is suitable for motorboats, yachts and sailing boats up to 45ft.

Break Bulk shipments describes cargo that is transported using container or break bulk liner services. Vessels with a fixed schedule load boats on platforms between the rows of containers, or directly on deck. B/B is suitable for boats and yachts between 40 and 70 ft.

Roll on / Roll off
Roll on / Roll off vessels have built-in ramps that allow for cargo to be rolled on and off the vessel when in port. Since these vessels are mainly designed for transporting cars and trucks the entrance door height is limited to 5– 6 meters, however, this also allows boats which are on cradles to be loaded efficiently. Ro/Ro is suitable for boats and yachts up to 60ft in length.

Using containers is another cost effective and efficient method of transport. Special loading gear is used to place boats inside containers in the best possible position. Container lines offer fast transit time and weekly departures on most trades. Each container can take one boat up to 40/45ft in length and maximum 8 ´6 ´ ´ beam or up to 4 boats each with a maximum of 20ft in length and a beam under 8ft.

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Customs and VAT Documentation for Boats

Customs Preparation:

  • T2L Forms
  • EUR 1 Forms
  • ATR Forms
  • Legalised documents
  • Certificates of origin

Additional Services:

  • Customs Declaration Service consultancy and guidance
  • Pre-shipment Letters of Credit scrutiny and amendment service
  • Courier presentation of documents to bank
  • Documentation consultancy
  • Full Letter of Credit Services

Customs & VAT process and legislation is always evolving, as such it is our mission to keep customers updated with informative guides to the very latest customs developments.

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