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Financing for used yachts

Much has changed in the banking world in recent years. Even though banks are a bit stricter these days, there is still money for you! Interest rates on ocean loans are often only one or two points higher than mortgage rates, so the money is really cheap right now. If you are considering paying cash for your yacht, you should definitely consider financing options as a possible alternative.
It is possible to finance up to 85% of your purchase at very reasonable prices for 10 to 25 years. We have several ship lenders who not only offer their own money for the purchase of a boat but also get other banks on board to find the best price and conditions. Tailored to your financial needs.

Only for customers of the yacht centers Roda de Bara financing from 0,0% possible!

Excerpt of our Yachtfinanz Partner

Finance boat: Compare optimal offers with each other

Who can put the high purchase price for a yacht cash on the table and thus negotiate a high discount?

With the individual financing of Marine Project you can fulfil this wish and save a considerable sum. Only at first glance do you actually save more by financing at more favourable conditions than by negotiating a cash payer loan.

Save on the financing of your boat or yacht

If you buy the used yacht as a cash payer from the owner, the savings are in many cases significantly higher through the cash payer discount than through a few percentage points cheaper financing of the house bank. We at Marine Project can offer you extremely favourable conditions. Yacht financing is characterised by particularly transparent structures. Get the boat of your choice thanks to a financing tailored exactly to you: Find out here about the financing of your yacht.

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