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Boat and yacht shipping. Shipping of yachts and yacht transport by ship worldwide. We ship yachts safely, on time for a fixed price.

Our Logistics team therefore offers full and global service from a single source. The cooperation with a global network of experienced partners makes this possible – upon request door-to-door service or better marina-tomarina.

We ship for both individuals, dealers and manufacturers worldwide.

The local differences and the variety of boat types do not allow providing a package price for all destinations for our services. We are happy to provide you with an individual offer.

Yacht Shipping Northern Europe – Spain.
In Northern Europe we prefer to load and unload in Bremerhaven. The shipping takes place in regular service, we can load and unload weekly. We load and unload for the Mediterranean in Roda de Bara Spain. Piraeus in Greece is also possible with limited service.

Yacht Shipping Mediterranean – USA
As a port to load your yacht in the Mediterranean, we offer a full service in Roda de Bara, Spain. At this location we can offer you everything you need for your yacht. We prepare your yacht for a big trip or even after the trip around the world. Shipment is also possible from Piraeus Greece, but with limited service. As a full service marina on the East Cost of North America we offer Brunswick, Georgia. From Brunswick you can reach Miami , Key West and the Caribbean Sea on the the Intracoastal Waterway. In order to get through all the bridges without waiting time, we recommend leaving the mast layed till Miami. The Intracoastal Waterway is absolutely worth seeing. You should not miss this.
Many other ports in the US are possible and are approached. If you need another port, please ask.

Worldwide routes
High-quality industries such as transformers, trains, cars, are shipped worldwide. We use these trade routes. That’s why we can deliver yachts worldwide safely, on time and cost-effectively. In general, we can deliver to any port, lake or river worldwide, but we focus on selected marinas where we provide quality and service to the yacht shipping with our own staff. Our focus in the yachts is on motor and sailing boats of 30-60 feet or 9-20 meters.

Petra Richter
Moorings & Shipping

Merchant for maritime transport and port management with many years of international experiece. With her extensive knowledge from over 15 years of practical service, she is the right contact for yacht shipping.

Our Shipping Method for Yachts til 20m LOA.

Carrier for Yacht shipping


We are shipping yachts worldwide with Ro/Ro cargo ships. This method is considered the safest and most cost-effective maritime transport for yachts up to 20m. RO/RO vessels only accept rolling cargo, which is driven into the interior of the ship via a ramp. That’s why we build a frame for your yacht which is put on a transport cart. Modern Ro/Ro carriers can carry 6,000 vehicles, excavators, machinery, trains up to 6m high, 9m wide, 30m long and 300t weight. The decks height is adjustable so that a maximum of volume can be loaded, which reduces costs. Only Ro/Ro ships carry very sensitive and expensive manufactured goods. Your yacht will be transported dry and protected from the elements.

Yacht shipping as Deck cargo


Ro/Ro ships also offer the option of transporting yachts on the top deck outdoors. We offer this possibility if you do not want to lay your mast. Especially large yachts or catamarans wider than 9m are also transported on deck. These yachts are welded in shrink-wrap before transport to protect them from the elements and fumes. Otherwise, the procedure is the same for Ro/Ro.

Turntable Port Roda de Bara Spain

Location advantage: In our Marina Roda de Bara (near Barcelona) we can temporarily store boats and prepare them for overseas transport. Please ask for our shuttle service between the Mediterranean West, the Caribbean and the USA.

Price examples (!) : Roda de Bara <> USA | Prices are valid for boats up 40 to 50 feet.

Freight complete: Roda de Bara – Baltimore appx. USD 22.000 $ per Boat (FULL LINER TERMS) – all-in
Freight complete: Roda de Bara – Brunswick appx. USD 24.000 $ per Boat (FULL LINER TERMS) – all-in
Freight complete: Roda de Bara – Port Hueneme appx. USD 36.000 $ per Boat (FULL LINER TERMS) – all-in

Marine Project Shipping


All yachts for shipment are stored in our Marina Roda de Bara. Each boat receives a caddy. Our marina is secured around the clock. If you have questions about the availability of berths or prices, please contact us directly.

Our Marina Roda de Bara in spain is a TAX-FREE-ZONE.

For shipping from North America we work with the Marina Brunswick together.


Using a shrink wrap is the most reliable way to safeguard your yacht from environmental influences that can occur during the transport via street or see. Marine Project is using this well proven technique for several years and has built up a network of reliable partners experienced in handling high value cargo such as yachts.

For more information please contact us.


Marine Project offers you a transport insurance. In case the insurance is not covered by us it is mandatory it gets covered by yourself. Without it we can´t ship your boat.


If you are not able to deliver or pick up your yacht to or from the port we have skipper service at hand. That includes a the hiring of a professional skipper and crew (if needed) and the organization of their transport, all necessary charts and pilots, GPS electronic map system, laptops and plotting instruments, inspection of the ship and all the systems including documentation before the voyage, ship’s daybook, and in agreement with the owner remedy of the shortcomings. We notify owners about the position, the daily progress and take care of all the necessary administration, taxes, port fees and other accounts for which we afterwords submit all the receipts. For more information please contact us.


Dealing with customs can be a time consuming business. And there is hardly anything more frustrating than starting a yachting vacation without a yacht because customs clearance has not been granted. Please keep in mind that we are not allowed to load or discharge a yacht without customs clearance.

We offer to take care of all the paper work. Our agents around the world are highly experienced with local conditions and the correct handling of forms and regulations. For more information please contact us.

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