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Benetti Delfino 93'

Benetti Delfino 93' for luxury yacht charter

The Benetti Delfino 93′ is a luxury motor yacht model produced by Benetti, an Italian yacht builder with a rich history and reputation for craftsmanship. The Delfino 93′ is a part of Benetti’s Delfino line, which focuses on creating yachts that are stylish, comfortable, and suitable for extended cruising.

As the name suggests, the Benetti Delfino 93′ measures approximately 93 feet (28.5 meters) in length. This size allows for spacious living areas and accommodations while still being manageable for both owners and crew.

The exterior design of the Benetti Delfino 93′ showcases a classic yet contemporary style. The yacht features sleek lines, large windows, and a well-proportioned profile. The design prioritizes both aesthetics and functionality, ensuring a visually appealing and practical vessel.

Inside, the Benetti Delfino 93′ offers luxurious and comfortable living spaces. The layout typically includes a spacious salon with panoramic views, a formal dining area, and well-appointed cabins for guests. The interior design is customizable, allowing owners to personalize the yacht according to their preferences.

extended voyages, making it suitable for exploring various destinations.

As with most luxury yacht models, it’s important to note that specific features and layouts can vary depending on the owner’s customization choices. To get the most accurate and detailed information about the Benetti Delfino 93′, it is recommended to visit Benetti’s official website or contact their representatives for the latest specifications, options, and availability.


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28.5 m

| 2012

| Crew: 5


guests in



Rate from 78.000 €/week