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Hanse 630e

Hanse 630e for luxury yacht charter

The Hanse 630 is a sailing yacht model produced by Hanse Yachts, a well-known German yacht builder. The Hanse 630 is a part of Hanse Yachts’ range of performance cruising yachts, known for their combination of speed, comfort, and innovative design features.

The Hanse 630 is a sizable sailing yacht, measuring approximately 19 meters (63 feet) in length. It offers a spacious and luxurious interior, as well as impressive sailing capabilities. The yacht is designed to provide a balance between performance and comfort, making it suitable for both cruising and competitive sailing.

The exterior design of the Hanse 630 showcases sleek lines, a modern profile, and a spacious cockpit. The yacht’s deck layout is optimized for ease of handling, allowing for efficient sail control and maneuverability.

Inside, the Hanse 630 offers a well-appointed and customizable interior. The layout typically includes a spacious salon, a fully equipped galley, and comfortable cabins for guests and crew. The interior design can be tailored to the owner’s preferences, allowing for personalization and a unique onboard atmosphere.


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20 m

| 2014

| Crew: 2


guests in



Rate from 16.000 €/week
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