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Predator 92 Sport

Predator 92 Sport for luxury yacht charter

The Sunseeker Predator 92 Sport is a luxury motor yacht model produced by Sunseeker International, a renowned British yacht builder known for its high-quality craftsmanship and innovative design. The Predator series is celebrated for its sleek and sporty appearance, high-performance capabilities, and luxurious onboard amenities.

The Sunseeker Predator 92 Sport measures approximately 28.16 meters (92 feet) in length, offering a spacious and stylish interior. The yacht’s exterior design features sleek lines, a low-profile, and large windows that provide plenty of natural light and panoramic views.

Inside, the Predator 92 Sport offers a luxurious and contemporary living space. The layout typically includes a spacious salon with comfortable seating, a well-equipped galley, and multiple well-appointed cabins for guests. The interior design is characterized by modern finishes, high-quality materials, and attention to detail.


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28.2 m

| 2009

| Crew: 4


guests in



Rate from 45.000 €/week