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Guardianage caretaking service

Benefit from Marine Project’s expert yacht guardianage services, ensuring your vessel remains in pristine condition during periods of non-use. Our comprehensive care includes regular inspections, maintenance oversight, and tailored protection plans, providing peace of mind for yacht owners worldwide. Gardienage is a maintenance service for yachts that do not normally have a full-time crew. This includes boats that are actively used by their owners, as well as boats that are for sale. It is a turnkey service for owners who want to spend more valuable time on the water and less time cleaning bilges or making repairs.


Your Yacht, Our Priority


Guardianage services provided by Marine Project encompass comprehensive care and oversight for yachts, ensuring their safety, maintenance, and compliance with operational standards even in the absence of their owners. This crucial service is tailored to meet the unique needs of each yacht, offering peace of mind to owners who may not be present at all times.

Marine Project’s guardianage includes regular inspections and maintenance checks to ensure the yacht remains in optimal condition. This includes monitoring systems, conducting routine cleaning, and coordinating repairs as needed. Their team of experienced professionals ensures that all aspects of the yacht’s mechanical, electrical, and structural integrity are maintained to the highest standards.

In addition to physical maintenance, guardianage by Marine Project involves managing administrative tasks such as insurance renewals, registration updates, and compliance with local regulations. This proactive approach minimizes risks and ensures that the yacht is always ready for immediate use.

By choosing Marine Project for guardianage services, yacht owners benefit from a dedicated partner committed to protecting their investment and preserving its value. Their comprehensive oversight and meticulous care ensure that the yacht is always prepared for safe and enjoyable voyages, reinforcing Marine Project’s reputation as a leader in luxury yacht management.

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