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Helicopter importation and operations

Ensure smooth and compliant helicopter importation and operations with Marine Project, providing expert guidance and support for all your aviation needs. EU Temporary Registration and Importation.
Heading to Europe in a non-EU registered helicopter? Your aircraft may be subject to duties and taxes, and customs officials may try to charge you fees you don’t have to pay. It’s important to understand the EU Community Customs Code rules governing the temporary admission and importation of private aircraft.

Helicopter importation and operations

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Helicopter importation and operations

Helicopter importation and operations are increasingly relevant in the realm of luxury yachting, and Marine Project stands at the forefront of integrating these services into yacht management. As a premier provider of yachting services, Marine Project understands that helicopters enhance the yachting experience by offering unparalleled convenience and accessibility. Whether used for swift transfers between yacht and shore, scenic flights, or emergency situations, helicopters are a valuable asset.

Marine Project offers comprehensive services for the importation and operation of helicopters on yachts. This includes handling all regulatory requirements, such as import duties, registration, and compliance with international aviation standards. The process involves meticulous coordination with aviation authorities to ensure that the helicopter is legally and safely integrated into the yacht’s operations.

Additionally, Marine Project provides ongoing management services for helicopter operations. This encompasses arranging for experienced pilots, ensuring regular maintenance and safety checks, and managing the logistical aspects of helicopter use. By handling these complexities, Marine Project allows yacht owners to enjoy the benefits of helicopter mobility without the associated administrative burdens.

Incorporating helicopter services into yacht management is a testament to Marine Project’s commitment to delivering exceptional luxury experiences. Their expertise ensures that clients can enjoy the seamless integration of air and sea travel, enhancing the overall yachting experience.

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